Fix crooked teeth thanks to brace

Fix crooked teeth thanks to brace

When you open a newspaper, you see fresh-faced models with a slender waist and whiten teeth. You may be wondering how they find time to commute to work, do their job, do shopping and look stunning simultaneously? All stars have their secrets, but a dazzling smile is something that you may have if you were not born with it. If you suffer from bad teeth, you neglected to brush them daily, or you have natural inclination to decay - then your smile may be far from dream one declining your self-confidence. For people like you, we set up Neo Smiles Dental Studio which is the leading braces specialist clinic in Singapore. We provide following services: metal and ceramic fixed braces treatment, orthodontic, wisdom tooth surgery, dental implants, teeth whitening and other general dentistry services. We are a Medisave, Baby Bonus and CHAS accredited clinic. Visit us at our branches at Bedok and Kovan today, or call us at 6481-0800 / 6386-0700 and get smile you always dreamed of


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Added: 02/10/2017

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