Boost your career thanks to career counselling

Boost your career thanks to career counselling

Throughout our professional career, we encounter various job-related hardships, and the way we handle them depends on our preparation, experience, and people who counsel us. Initially, it is hard to predict in which direction our career should follow as we can come across a number of obstacles which can interfere with our plans. After graduation, we are tempted with plenty of job advertisements offering a decent salary, fulfilling challenges and friendly associates. You may lack knowledge about labor market's demands, how to accurately assess your skills and opportunities for your profession. We suggest turning for help to counseling psychologist, who will collect information regarding your education history and interests, give you a hand in determining factors which could influence your career development, set career goals for upcoming future. Such help is meant for employees being in the process of changing job, during a transition from one profession to another, or for ones who want decide actively how their future will look like. It is not career counselor's goal to merely match up a client with a specific profession, but rather to indicate paths available for personal development and ways to reach long-awaited success. If you are looking for decent support in terms of career, meet Dr. Susan McDonald, who is an experienced counseling psychologist in Calgary, with human resource experience that should be your first choice to help you on your road to success. Whether professional or personal, Dr. Susan McDonald can assist you in all areas of personal counseling, including stress, anxiety, and depression. She has widespread experience working with both individuals and organizations


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