Massage therapy for health improvement

Massage therapy for health improvement

Massage works as it affects deep layers of skin and manipulates soft tissues. When a therapist touches the body, nerve endings send information to the brain, and it responds by creating changes. Skin and nervous system are inherently connected therefore we see visible effects. Organs can derive profit from massage as well as they share the pain pathway with muscles. Massage is a well-known treatment used for thousands of years and its beneficial influence on our body is still a subject of research. Not only does massage release muscle tension but also improves blood flow, slows breathing rate and relaxes the whole body. Delivery of oxygen to cells is enhanced so muscles can work more efficiently. People being under stress or dealing with substantial responsibilities at work are ones who praise massage as a way to feel relaxed. We distinguish following types of massage: swedish which stimulates blood flow what results in receiving more nutrients required for healing, sports massage carried out on athletes meant for care or prevention of injuries, prenatal massage, acupressure which declines muscular tension, etc. If you have never had any massage applied or you suffer from health conditions, you should consult with the doctor whether massage will bring any dividends, or at least will not deteriorate your situation. If you are confused where to look for an experienced therapist, check out Everest Therapeutics, which is one of the oldest massage therapy clinics in Vancouver. They possess over thirty registered massage therapists available seven days a week


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