Cycling insurance policy

Cycling insurance policy

The popularity of commuting by bike increased in recent years as it is a good option for exercise and a much cheaper way than driving or public transit. When cycling, you take necessary precautions to stay safe: you put on a helmet, carry a bike pump to inflate a tire in case it is leaking, or have a pair of glasses to keep the sun out of your eyes. Anyway, incidents happen both on and off the bike, like having a bike stolen or participating in a collision. There is a particular type of protection, called bicycle insurance, which aims to provide peace of mind for you and your cycling possessions. Unlike vehicle drivers, bicyclists are not required to possess insurance, although it may come in handy in case of recovery after a crash or an accident. The coverage is meant for all types of cyclists: no matter how often you ride, what is your bike, or what is your destination. Here are some most common situations you may encounter during cycling. For starters, if you participated in a bike accident and you injured somebody, for instance, pedestrians, their health insurance should cover their bills. They can decide to come after you if the bike injury-related healthcare costs exceed some level. If you participated in a car crash and your bike was damaged, the driver’s insurance should cover the costs of your bike, but the whole process can take some time. If your bike was stolen, then standard homeowner’s or tenant’s insurance policies should cover bike theft up to a specific value. However, it may not be enough if you have a prized machine. As you see, things happen, and to stay safe, it is good to have protection in case of a fortuitous event. Check out PedalSure, which provides tailored offers for cyclists enthusiasts and their needs. They cover all bikes, Road, MTB, E-Bikes, Track, etc.. Cover options include: overseas, dental, physio, loss of earnings, personal liability


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