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Skin and hair treatment
Most people, particularly women, pay much attention to the appearance of their skin, so when they notice first symptoms of ageing or skin condition, they look for remedies to bring back its youthful look. Skin flaws like acne or wrinkles can occur at any given time, but mostly they emerge as people ...
Cosmetic treatments for better body appearance
Because of overwork and firestorm of duties our health condition deteriorates, body grows in years much swifter and it is seen with the naked eye. Efforts aimed to rejuvenate physical condition such as enhanced athletics and avoidance of lengthy work at desk will supress the whole process but in th ...
Minakawaii Skin Care Products
Minakawaii Japanese skin care products by Japan's most popular fashion Mina magazine. Ranging with 6 different skin care products, Minakawaii is available now in Malaysia at Kawaii de Beauty skin care online shop. Our products brighten your skin and make you look younger than ever.
Chic Chiq is an Ayurveda-inspired lifestyle and cosmetics brand. Check out our all-natural products and DIY guides for Ayurvedic peace of mind, body and soul.

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