Terms of use
  • General tips

    Site must be in English, title along with description cannot contain html markup, you can specify up to 10 keywords for single site, choose the most similar category to content of your site, do not overdo with keywords in description and title, make description concise

  • What kind of websites will not be accepted ?

    Sites under construction, associated with gambling, drugs, lacking or duplicate content, torrent, horoscopes, warez, sexual content, made up strictly for affilate links, promoting violence, offensive, created to referr to shops lika amazon etc

  • What is the fee for upon submission?

    Subscription fee ensures that proposed site will be reviewed by administrator. It does not mean that your site will be accepted although it is very rare to reject site. If site does not fulfill policies than we contact site owner to bring in changes. Site rejection does not entitle to demand to have fee given back

  • How would I know if my site fulfills all requirements ?

    If you are unsure whether site will be accepted just ask me here before submission

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