Create svg animation without coding skills

Scalable vector graphics, SVG in short, will soon replace other image formats such as png, gif, jpg or bmp thanks to their multiple features that decrease page load time and improve the overall user experience. SVG animations are scalable and responsive that is adjust accordingly to specific screen resolution on any device. Even though there are far better options for both developers and website visitors, designers often struggle to create and animate SVG because it is a time-consuming process, yet requires coding skills. We have introduced SVGator to help both technical and even nontechnical users to easily animate SVG. All the user needs is to import a static SVG, animate it with keyframes and/or animation presets, and then export the file in a ready-to-use SVG format


Main category: Art

Sub category: Graphic Design

Tags: animation svg graphics

Added: 02/10/2017

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