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One of a kind wedding photo session in Florece
We are a wedding photographers based in Tuscany, in Italy. We use the technique of reportage, artistic photography and storytelling to tell the day of marriage. Our presence is always discreet and almost invisible to try to shoot the spontaneous moments of the day. We wrok as wedding photographer pa ...
Wedding photographer in Cornwall
Photographers can be either great or awful because not each and every has a talent of shooting all those special moments but also small details that can make a huge difference, and in this regard, Andrew George is part of the latter category. He has a wealth of talent and experience, and he is not a ...
Pixels art
Home and Office Decor Contemporary prints Enhance the appearance and style of living spaces. Accent the appearance and style of your living spaces. Prints are produced on wide variety of paper, acrylic and metal. A wide variety of custom sizes are available
High-end wedding photographer in Paris
When we think about Paris we imagine a mesmerizing view of Eiffel Tower, strawberry cake, say nothing of cafes and gardens. Taking pictures of Paris is undoubtedly challenging since a lot of little-known locations may be missed when you stop by there only for a short visit. Apart from Eiffel Tower, ...
Don't let wedding memories to vanish without trace
When a day of the wedding is approaching you start feeling on edge and overwhelmed because of increasing tension and a large number of obligations such as saying hello to all guests bowing down, having a backup plan in case weather deteriorates, you forget marriage vows or bridesmaid gets cold. When ...

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