Advanced wastewater & sludge treatment technology

Our company is a supplier of the highly sophisticated and economical low-temperature heat pump sludge dryers. With unique heat pump system incorporated, it is possible to control air humidity along with moisture. A frequency converter on the pump motor creates a changeable range that controls the sludge and wastewater drying process. Moisture is brought down through an independent air system allowing for the quick dehydration of sludge. Reducing the drying time lowers the high cost of sludge drying by recycling the “waste” heat that is usually discarded in conventional sludge dryers and systems. Using these dryers creates an economical and environmental-friendly solution that meets or exceeds Federal and State regulations and requires no odor control equipment or emissions permits. The high overhead expenses of labor and transportation costs are declined and lowered. Dried sludge, as an end product, is a small pellet that can be sold as a commodity and used for beneficial reuse in many ways


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Added: 12/12/2017

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