Manage your time effectively

Manage your time effectively

Do you have a feeling that you struggle to carry out all duties on time, but you rarely succeed? Perhaps you have never heard about time management, therefore, you could not have incorporated techniques which allow performing multiple things simultaneously or one but with better efficiency. Management has nothing to with squeezing as many tasks as possible. It puts emphasis on getting the most of your time, yet do not overdo with work. Every day has twenty-four hours and this time passes equally, but in real life time is relative regarding what you are up to at the particular moment. Time may either fly or drag depending if you like what you are doing or if you cannot wait to its end. When we take a look at our children we see how fast they have grown up, it seems like many years passed like one day. That is because we were so occupied trying to reconcile work, upbringing, additional activities, etc. If you are looking for some tips regarding managing your time, go check out Timension which is training agency specialized in time management, speed reading, mind mapping, personal knowledge mastery and social collaboration. They leverage of following methodologies: action learning, Covey, getting things done. Their clients are diverse including government but also private companies and corporate clients such as Shell, Rabobank, ING, Bayer, and so forth. They provide services in the Netherlands and Flanders


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Added: 01/02/2018

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