Reflexology massage to restore body balance

Reflexology is a type of massage that applies different amounts of pressure on reflex points located on the feet to stimulate the whole body. Reflex points are connected with specific organs and by applying pressure on them, the central nervous system gets stimulated and energy flowing is sent until it reaches a place that needs healing. It is not a massage in terms of manipulation as it does not affect soft tissues. Reflexology should be painless although some tenderness may be experienced which indicates body imbalances within corresponding organs. Reflexology addresses different issues such as stress or poor blood circulation. It boosts the flow of blood that results in overall health and balance improvement. Who would benefit the most? People whose daily routine contains prolonged standing or walking around, individuals being under severe stress and ones experiencing depression. Keep in mind that reflexology is not a treatment meant for any particular condition, it is a complementary therapy improving overall well-being. A massage session lasts from 30 to 60 minutes and does not entail and preparation. Prior to the massage, you need to fill out a medical history form and provide information about health conditions so that reflexologist could customize the therapy to your specific needs. For more information, and to book an appointment with a therapist, visit our website.


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