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If your bill for electricity is a significant part of your monthly expenditures, you may be wondering how to decline it and save some money. The option which gains in popularity is solar panels which leverage of a phenomenon called photoelectric effect, which assumes that some materials are capable of producing an electric current when exposed to sunlight. A single solar cell can provide an insufficient amount of electricity, so they are combined into a larger set called panel. Many panels connected together, are in turn, called an array. If you have ever wondered how solar system works under the hood, here is a simplified explanation which should give you some insight. When a beam of light reaches a layer of the cell, it supplies electrons with energy to move from a top to bottom. If many electrons move in an equivalent direction, then electricity occurs. Unfortunately, electricity obtained from PV panel is direct current whereas you need alternating current to run household appliances. This gap fills in the inverter which converts DC to AC. Now that you possess some basic grasp regarding solar panels, you may be wondering where to look for a company which would assist you in assessing what type of panels are suitable for your property, how much would that cost you and what saving you would get. We introduce the Solar Bros, which takes pride in allowing every homeowner in California to own solar system. Every solar power is adjusted to client home's need, so prices vary based on factors such as size, location, etc. Bear in mind that savings on electricity costs are not guaranteed. You do not need to finance such an investment with your own cash as you may apply for financing, but you need to make sure that loan providers offer such an option in your area. If you wish to have a house which is environmentally sound and covers its demand for electricity, solar panels are what you are looking for

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