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Toronto DUI Lawyer

Alan Pearse is a renowned DUI lawyer across all of Canada. He now has offices opened in Toronto, Ontario. If you have been recently charged with a DUI in Toronto, please contact Alan Pearse immediately.

Edmonton DUI Lawyer

Alan Pearse is a criminal defence lawyer based in Edmonton, Alberta specializing in impaired driving. Alan gives lectures to law students on DUI law and also practices it. He is exclusively 100% DUI litigation and is an expert in this area of law.

Calgary Criminal Lawyer

At Oykhman Criminal Defence, we are a full-service criminal defence law firm serving clients in Calgary and surrounding areas. We can help you defend any criminal charges ranging from assault, drugs, domestic violence, to DUI/impaired driving.

Law Office of Russell Knight

Family law attorney located in Naples, Florida. The family and their needs are treated as the primary focus. Divorce lawyers who specialize in the following cases: alimony, child support, property division, and parenting time issues.

Employment Lawyers Calgary

The relationship between employee and employer is strictly regulated by employment law, which covers aspects such as a workplace, minimum requirements for working conditions, employer's duties and obligations, etc. If there are employment-related issues in a business, an employment attorney will in...

Criminal Lawyers in Toronto

The prospect of prison time is something that defendants want to avoid, therefore, it is worth having an experienced attorney standing by your side and fighting to reduce charges. The criminal lawyer starts his work from the beginning when he gets notified that a specific individual was charged a a...

Los Angeles Criminal Defense Attorney

For more than thirty-four years, we have taken on tough cases throughout California and the United States obtaining the best possible results for our clients. We have stayed true to our philosophy to provide innovative, effective and compassionate representation during a highly stressful and time....

Real Property Lawyers

If you are looking for a place to live, you will eventually need to face an effort of understanding and signing of a rental agreement. Rental or lease agreement is a binding legal contract that aims to take care of both the tenant and the individual or company renting the property. Landlord's are a...

San Francisco Criminal Defense Lawyer

When you are facing criminal charges, you want to have a defense attorney who acts as an ally and stands by your side regardless of whether you committed a misdemeanor or a felony. Attorney participates in the legal proceedings, makes sure your constitutional rights are protected at all times, on a...

Intellectual Property Lawyer

Holbeche Law is an Ontario, Canada based law firm that specializes in patents, copyrights, and trademarks. Your work or idea, commonly known as intellectual property (IP in short), may be commercialized that is it can be bought and sold. Our company helps inventors, developers, and startups to and...