Real Property Lawyers

Real Property Lawyers

If you are looking for a place to live, you will eventually need to face an effort of understanding and signing of a rental agreement. Rental or lease agreement is a binding legal contract that aims to take care of both the tenant and the individual or company renting the property. Landlord's rights are protected against irresponsible tenants and tenant from illegal behaviors the landlord may engage. The terms of the rental contract depend on various circumstances but here are a few must-have clauses: names of all occupants, the amount of rent, duration of agreement and renewal criteria, restrictions, landlord responsibilities and rights, etc. There also may be a statement giving a landlord right to terminate the agreement and what is the period of move out. You cannot be kicked out without notice or any reasonable reason as there are certain restrictions when renter can or cannot be evicted. The confusing terms used in the agreement contract are frequently unclear for a regular individual. It is advisable to have them checked by a lawyer to make sure they are enforceable and under the law. Finding the right accommodation is time-consuming and making sure the rent agreement comprises of all essential components is another burden on your way to a new place of living. If you feel overwhelmed by the complexity of a rent agreement, you can always turn for help to an attorney, regardless if you are a commercial or residential property renter. Lawyers at Yee Law Group will make sure that all your rights are protected and you are not being taken advantage of. Their committed team provides exceptional and personalized representation focused on each clients' unique circumstances, concerns, and goals.


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