Employment Lawyers Calgary

Employment Lawyers Calgary

The relationship between employee and employer is strictly regulated by employment law, which covers aspects such as a workplace, minimum requirements for working conditions, employer's duties and obligations, etc. If there are employment-related issues in a business, an employment attorney will help in resolving them and making sure that all actions comply with the law. He possesses a thorough knowledge of common law and domestic and statutory legislation, so he is well-prepared to counsel and to set up long-term practices. The employment lawyer's duties vary depending on whether he represents the employee or employer. When working on behalf of the employer, he can assist in employment-related lawsuits or draft policies informing not to discriminate based on sex, age, etc. When a case goes to trial, he defends clients in front of governmental boards and agencies. Why would the employer need to have such support in his company? The legislation associated with employment law frequently alters as old laws are amended, and new rules are incorporated. It is worthing having somebody who will keep up with changes to make sure that labor laws in the company are enforced. When the lawyer is working on behalf of the employee, he makes sure that labor laws are enforced for instance they are paid for overtime, working conditions are safe, or they are treated in a fair manner. If you need legal advice in terms of employment law, check out YYC Employment Law Group where they put you in touch with Calgary-based employment lawyers directly. Find out how their team of dedicated employment lawyers will partner with you to resolve your employment issue.

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