Fight the insurance company’s denial of your claim

Fight the insurance company’s denial of your claim

Insurance companies make money on insuring people and profit more when insurance claims are not paid. They devote lots of time to process every claim in great depth in order to discover even a petty reason for denial. A common practice among insurance companies is to carry out an independent medical examination, IME in short. Doctors who participate in such medical check-ups are paid by an insurance carrier, so they frequently decide in favor of their constituents. Here are some most common reasons why the insurance company may deny your claim. Procedural mistakes such as insufficient medical records or documentation not provided on time always end up with denial. Suffering from disorder before being insured will be turned against you and insurance company will try to prove that your disability is a coincidence. Policy exclusions such as alcoholism are perceived as insured's faults, and in such a case no compensation is granted. Another reason is lack of compliance with specific medical treatment suitable for your condition. If insurance companies want to possess irrefutable proof, they go as far as to perform surveillance so as to prove you are able to work. If your claim was denied and you are at odds with such a decision, do not give up and turn for help to Allan Bayda, who is a disability lawyer located in Calgary, with over 30 years experience handling disability insurance denials for both short and long-term disability appeals. He offers free initial consultations and will discuss your case in depth with you if your claim has been denied.


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