China CNC router spare and bits

It is the trend to use CNC machine instead of a human in the furniture field artificial intelligence may rescue the furniture manufacturing industry which faces the plight of increasing labor costs and increasing manpower shortage. It's a bit of a fuss to talk about this topic now. After all, the furniture factory is mainly by manual operation and is facing with a large labor gap. However, the disappearing dividend of the population is forcing furniture companies to make a difference in "automation" with the use of internal and external resources. Enterprises at the forefront of furniture automation and intelligent production are gradually making these processes automated: first of all, process that produces volatile gases and leads to occupational diseases, such as spraying, with robots instead of human hands; second, the process of raw material cutting or drilling is completed by professional nest based CNC router. EagleTec provide a full range of CNC router machines for the furniture industry


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Added: 09/04/2018

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