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When a company is set up, CEO's head is pelted with ideas and intents to incorporate. As time goes by, fire declines as so much effort need to be put to do business up and running, guarantee accounting liquidity, provide a constant number of clients and interest in services. Owners devote their time at the cost of private life since they believe the products they expose have value and can make a difference. When CEO gets older, he is partly drained of energy partially tired then he may either pass the business along to offspring or make up his mind to sell it. The latter option may be demanding as so far he tried to conceal classified information regarding company such as revenue, costs of maintenance, sources of the funds, etc. but when he wants to attract potential customers, he needs to expose all these data in great depth. Our site connects business owners and investors at one place, listing companies along with their earnings, history or certified valuation reports


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Added: 02/11/2017

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