Digital Marketing Services in Edmonton

Digital Marketing Services in Edmonton

Approximately four billion searches are conducted every single day, and most of them using Google search engine, which owns a significant portion of the search market. What does it mean for your business? There are plenty of potential customers out there, and the majority of online traffic is provided by search engines. When you set up paid advertising using social media or ad platform, your campaign drives traffic as long as it is paid, so it entails continuous funding. Once you stop investing money, the traffic plummets, so it is not sustainable in the long-run. Organic traffic, in turn, has the potential to remain steady if it is set up right, that is you targeted the right keywords that people are searching for. The first step in reaching top positions is to perform onsite and offsite optimization to make sure your website follows Google guidelines. Another step is to check or create content which would appeal to customers. A well-known phrase says that content is king, meaning it is an effective way to communicate with the audience, build trust and stick out of the crowd. Another step is to check the user experience of the website. Signals such as high bounce back or dwell time may indicate that the architecture needs some improvement or optimization. Mobile also plays a significant role as more and more people use their phones to search through the Internet. If your website was set up a long time ago, you might need to work on responsive design so that the layout adjusts to the different screen resolutions. As you see, SEO is quite a complex topic, and doing it yourself takes a lot of time. It is an ongoing, never-ending effort to keep up with changes. If you need professional help from people who know SEO like the back of their hand, checkout DizzyWeb SEO. It is a digital marketing agency located in Edmonton AB, and Kelowna BC. They provide Local SEO services, Video Production, and PPC management.


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