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We are the one-stop-shop for Vermont Computer Repair! We do it all. Providing computer repair service to Vermont, New York, and the NEK, we have dealt with nearly every issue imaginable. Whether diagnosing in the field or in the shop, we are proud of our electronics repair services. In addition to PC repair, we also do *NIX & Mac repair; both the Operating System or an underlying hardware issue. Whether you need a virus removed, your screen fixed, or data recovery off a clicking hard drive, we will help! We are a computer store, and sell desktops, laptops, and electronics for our customers. In addition to that, we keep a very good assortment of cables & adapters. Also, we offer custom programming, to better interface different aspects of your business together. We provide SEO marketing and web development for local businesses. Stop by our shop, or give us a call! The King Electronics & Computer Repair 61 South Willard Street Burlington VT, 05401 Local Phone: (802) 849-4488 Toll-Free: (833) 371-1411


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Added: 09/05/2021

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