How to recover lost data effectively

If you have ever wondered about the most valuable resource in the modern world, then you may be astonished as most people indicate data. They overtook oil as they are free, not scarce, and may consist of confidential information about every aspect of life. Their importance is indisputable, therefore, companies that collect them put emphasis on the security aspect so as to avoid cyber-attacks which could result in data loss. Individuals also struggle with how to protect data from being lost, how to encrypt them so that nobody could read them, whether it is safe to store data on a storage device or in the cloud, etc. If you have ever deleted a file unintentionally or lost it because of hardware failure or data corruption, then you realize how hard it is to have it recovered. Surprisingly, most data can be brought back as deletion does not necessarily mean that file vanishes into thin air. Depending on the operating system, a file may be marked as deleted but it remains on a drive as long as it is not overwritten by another file. With that being said, if you decide to undo deletion swiftly, then you may have the file back very easily. Things get complicated when some period went by, the file was either entirely or partially overwritten, and it is not feasible to recover it by hand. In such a case, you can make use of data recovery tools which restore file based on pieces of information. There is a number of recovery software out there as demand to have valuable data back increases. The one we genuinely recommend is DRN Data Recovery, which provides professional assistance for data loss throughout the Netherlands. Since 2006, DRN has been recovering data from all media, all brands, and all operating systems. With a success rate of 95% for hard disk, RAID, USB, SD, and all other kinds of flash memory


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Added: 12/02/2018

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