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If you conduct businesses such as a spa, fitness studio, or yoga center, you realize how much effort needs to be put to manage aspects of booking appointments, issuing receipts and invoices, or monitoring sales. Clients' expectations enhance as they want to make payments online, receive SMS reminders before a meeting, and have an online booking system available all day long. To fulfill these expectations, you need good computer software. Not only should it meet basic needs but also provide additional features that your competition does not have so as to gain a competitive edge. Purchasing brand new software for your business is a significant investment and may be overwhelming as there is a number of options in the market, and seemingly it is hard to determine which one meets your needs. For starters, you should gather your employees and discuss what aspects of the company need improvement, what they complain about, what hardships they encounter daily, etc. Every employee may express a different point of view, but you should pay attention to recurring symptoms as they may indicate the root of problems. Such an analysis will pinpoint challenges that staff face and areas that could be streamlined. Having extensive insight into your business' requirements will allow you to assess the value of specific software. The one we genuinely recommend is Zenoti, which is a web-based solution, that is you can access it anywhere, at any given time. The software comprises features such as reporting & analytics which allows you to track your sales and increase ROI, marketing including tailored made campaigns, stock management, and online bookings. As far as pricing is concerned, you pay a monthly fee and you receive comprehensive 24/7 support in return. If any problem emerges, you are never left without proper care. With such help, you can focus solely on your business.


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Added: 06/03/2018

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