Memsta - A place to remember the loved and lost

People die daily in car accidents, as a result of diseases, because of senectitude or natural causes. When we watch people dying on television or hear on the radio, it does not blow us away as we do not know them in person and such things happen far away from our place of living. The longer we live, the more we feel our journey is endless and is going to last forever. Nobody is immortal, and sooner or later we reach a day when we will have to leave everything behind, say goodbye to family and acquaintances and do what is inevitable. The true proverb says that nothing is certain but death and taxes and no matter if we are at odds with it, we need to deal with it. Memsta is a free network designed to help you share memories and learn to cope with the challenges of losing a loved one. Memsta aims to help those who are dealing with bereavement, loss, and grief related to losing a loved one. If you have a special one who has passed away, you can now add them as a star on Memsta


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Added: 04/10/2017

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