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The first step on the road to recovery is to realize and confess that you have an alcohol problem. Symptoms such as experiencing an urge to drink, drinking in secret or shaking when not drinking, indicate that alcohol consumption was already exceeded. Alcoholism is not developed overnight, it starts innocently, but it can quickly turn into dependence. In many cases, the root of alcoholism lies in family or work issues, and drinking is only a sign of deeper problems that are hard to spot at first glance. In the past, people who experienced alcohol addiction were referred to as an "alcoholic," which is no longer in use as it was considered a negative label. These days, health professionals use a phrase alcohol use disorder (AUD in short) which pertains a state when intake of alcohol gets out of control. Drinking in excess has a detrimental contribution to body and brain, causing temporary symptoms such as impaired memory or slurred speech. No medication can utterly cure alcohol use disorder, but some can make your way to sobriety faster. There are support groups where people who struggle with alcohol challenges provide encouragement and direct support. If you are on the verge of alcoholism breakdown and looking for help, we are eager to give you a hand. We provide a comprehensive addiction treatment in recovery campuses where we combine the latest research on substance use disorders and evidence-based best practices. We provide individualized planning coupled with supportive and respectful care.


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