Jennie Francis Hypnotherapy

Jennie Francis Hypnotherapy

I am a hypnotherapist in Harley Street, London with 20 years of experience. I work with addictions, fears, anxiety and any of the other myriad of the issues and problems hypnotherapy can solve. I work with your unconscious mind to find a safe, comfortable way to help you let go of the problem and find a way of feeling, being and behaving that works for you. Hypnosis lends itself to working online with Skype, FaceTime or any other way that gives the best communication. I have clients all over the world who have benefited from online hypnotherapy. One of the most appealing things about hypnosis is that it works so quickly. I usually suggest that my clients allow 3 sessions but sometimes less are needed. But 3 sessions gives a good indication of how my treatment works for you. That's another wonderful thing about hypnosis most people, 95%, feel better after the first session. So if you want to stop smoking, lose weight, get over a fear of flying, let of an anxiety, learn to drink less alcohol or become a confident public speaker then hypnotherapy may well be what you are looking for.


Main category: Health

Sub category: Alternative Medicine

Tags: addiction

Added: 13/05/2018

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