Powerful natural ally

Powerful natural ally

Oncoforte is one of the most complete natural anti-tumor remedies in the world (according to scientific studies and bibliography for each ingredient). Cancer has multiple causes, and the appearance of a tumor or multiple tumors can occur anywhere in the body, but always in those tissues where immunity is low, lacking cellular oxygenation, and where cellular redox equilibrium is affected. Oncoforte is the result of many years of studies, tests, and trials by US natural food supplement companies. The combination of different vitamins, natural extracts, herbal powders, with concentrations and origins of the most diverse, has reached this complete formula with multiple beneficial actions for the whole organism, regardless of gender or age. The secret consists in careful dosing of each of the active ingredients and the choice of the highly complex composition and synergistic action of all the substances contained in the selected plants or extracts. We have absolutely no intention of replacing any medical advice that offers patient-specific therapies (ranging from patient to patient based on specific conditions). In any case, users who visit and consult materials through our site should seek the advice of their personal physician. Products promoted through this website are not intended to treat, cure or prevent any disease. The products promoted through this website are not based on clinical trials. However, the published information is part of studies, research or general observations on antidegenerative, antitumor, antioxidant, immunomodulatory, and regenerative actions of plants, plant extracts, or vitamins that are components of these products.

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Added: 05/01/2019

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