Dental services in Calgary

Dental services in Calgary

Our mouth is full of bacteria, some of them may be beneficial for our health but others, in turn, may be responsible for the development of tooth decay. If you eat products containing sugar on a regular basis, then acid produced within your mouth attacks teeth what results in sticky, bacterial plaque formed on a surface of teeth and gums. If it remains there for a long period, it becomes coarse and causes minerals loss from teeth enamel. Teeth get vulnerable and exposed to further attacks what results in a white spot which is an indication of early decay. If at this point decay is not healed by minerals obtained from toothpaste or saliva, then it causes further deterioration by moving deeper to dentin which is less resistant to acid. In the end, enamel is destroyed, and solely doctor can repair a cavity with filling. Now that you know the process of tooth decay development, you can take precautions so as to avoid its occurrence. For starters, brush your teeth with fluoride toothpaste as fluoride is capable of stopping or even reversing decay by replacing lost minerals. Secondly, do not eat food which is high in sugar as it feeds bacteria. Eat healthy food on a regular basis and avoid food which remains in your mouth for a long period. If you noticed some worrying symptoms in your mouth and you would like to have them checked, check out Dynamic Dental, which is a South East Calgary dental office that offers a range of dental services that include family, cosmetic, restorative and emergency dentistry. They provide direct billing to your insurance company, are open early AM, have a warm and friendly staff, and a modern office. They have an extensive array of dental services to offer and are warmly accepting new patients


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