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If prices of medical treatment in your homeland exceed your budget and you cannot afford to have necessary medical care, some health services are prohibited, or you cannot have a specific procedure carried out due to unavailability of the technology, then you may leverage of services available in another country where fees are more affordable, yet quality remains at an equivalent level. Such a phenomenon is called medical tourism as people in pursuit of better treatment travel outside the country of residence. Patients can start looking for clinics which fulfill their expectations by themselves what is inadvisable due to lack of possibility to check qualifications of the health care providers and the credentials of the facility. We noticed this gap, therefore, we created BookingHealth that is ISO certified medical tourism company which offers the best healthcare programs for disease treatment and rehabilitation. Medical care can be combined with vacation or travelling so after completed treatment you can go sightseeing or take part in tourism activities. Do not postpone healing as your health conditions may deteriorate in time, take care of yourself and your well-being


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Added: 09/01/2018

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