3 sites in Home Health category

3sites in Home Health

Healthcare management using IT solutions
Online software and apps for blood glucose, blood pressure, and other chronic diseases. Improve your personal body values with self-management and motivation. Blood glucose meter, pedometer, and scale can be synchronized via Bluetooth. Diary and analyses are also available for doctors and health coa ...
Sickbeds for ill patients
Haskar Medical is a sick bed manufacturer. With its many different features, such as patient beds, elevator systems and side railings, the hospital provides great comfort during the day. The company, which also manufactures patient cots, also offers sick bed rental services in Istanbul
Natural products as a remedy for a poor skin
When we go shopping, we are in a quandary between two kinds of products, i.e., chemical versus natural. In order to see the difference, we need to study ingredients but keep in mind that they are placed from the highest quantity to the lowest. The name 'natural products' refer to their origin, obtai ...

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