Chiropractic treatments for low back pain

Chiropractic treatments for low back pain

Essentially, the human body is self-healing, and as long as there is no deficiency in movement, its functioning goes smoothly. The key role plays nervous system which ensures that all cells work correctly and they resist disease. Once interference with nervous system occurs then transmission of impulses gets disrupted what results in a limited range of motion, aches and pains and general deterioration of health condition. The typical symptoms, patients complain about, are associated with spine-related disorders. Excessive sitting all day long at a desk, lack of physical activity and unbalanced diet causes imbalances which need adjustments. Such adjustments release pressure from nerves, restore motion and relax tight muscles. This type of treatment is called chiropractic. The first visit consists of health assessment including collecting information regarding medical history, physical examination, and X-ray if needed. The diagnosis indicates what parts of the body need improvement and recommended treatment including passive and active approaches. If you noticed troublesome symptoms regarding your spine, you suffer from headaches, or you want to have an extensive checkup of your body, contact with the Centre for Chiropractic & Sports Rehabilitation, which is a center run by a team of certified, licensed doctors. They offer a variety of chiropractic and manual therapies that include myofascial release, massage therapy, and chiropractic care. Located in Calgary, they also provide other forms of treatment that include education, nutrition, weight loss counseling, and laser therapy


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