Pick eyeglass frames for your face

Pick eyeglass frames for your face

When choosing eyeglass frames, we pay more attention to how they look on our face rather than if they fulfill their application. They should protect eyesight from harmful UV radiation as excessive exposure may result in cancer or cataract. You should stay away from sunglasses marked as 'cosmetic' as they lack ultraviolet protection. There are plenty styles and sizes of frames available on the market, but to pick the right one, you need to determine the shape of your face first. Not every face is equivalent, but we can distinguish following types: oval, round, square, diamond and heart-shape. A tone of skin should be taken into account as well so that it would not differ much from a color of frames. Make sure the size of the lens is right so that they could cover all area of your eyes from sunlight. There is no limitation of a number of frames so you can have many and pick specific based on the occasion. At work, it is good to have elegant and gracious whereas on the weekend you can put on frames with more laid-back attitude. If you are still confused which one looks good on your face, you can turn for help to Eye Gallery in Calgary, which is an optometrist office that has over ten years experience helping patients obtain new glasses, contact lenses, or have eye exams. They offer custom made contacts, dry eye evaluations, comprehensive eye exams, and even boutique frame lines adjustments. They offer online booking for any eye appointment you may need

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