A comprehensive eye exam

A comprehensive eye exam

Examination of your eyesight should be an annual routine as it allows to discover any disorders such as macular degeneration or glaucoma. In contradistinction to other parts of the body, eyesight rarely hurts what makes it hard to determine if any deterioration already emerged. A frequency of examination depends on your age and medical history, but generally, it should be carried out every two years. Before you make an appointment, you should gather essential information such as if any of your close relatives suffered eye disease, symptoms which concern you, what kind of glasses or lenses you have been wearing so far, working conditions, etc. Typically an eye test will take around thirty minutes, and its price varies from practice to practice. An optometrist will take a look at outside and inside of your eyes to assess problems and their extent. The first test measures visual acuity using projected eye chart. Another test called 'cover test' checks how eyes work together when one is covered and other needs to focus on near object. Now that you had some short introduction, you may be interested in finding a decent optometrist. The one we recommend can be found at Focused Optometry. With over 20 years of combined experience, their doctors are more than qualified and ready to assist you with any visual or eye health concerns, your vision is their focus. They have a friendly staff and are prepared to help you with any of your eye care needs, regardless of age. Do not postpone eye examination as you have only one eyesight for the whole life, once damaged it may never be brought back to its initial state

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