Get rid of warts once and for all

Get rid of warts once and for all

If you noticed growths on your skin especially located on hands, their look is embarrassing, and their origination is unknown, it is worth having them checked by a doctor as these may be an infection called warts. It is a well-known disorder discovered more than three thousand years ago, and it does not cause any danger to human health, yet it can be painful or even catching. Human papillomavirus, HPV in short, is a virus responsible for its occurrence, it attacks external layer of skin and starts rapid cells growth. People who frequently cut their hands are susceptible to coming down with it as virus filters in through scratches. Individuals with a suppressed immune system including children are more likely to catch it. There are more than hundred types of this virus diagnosed, and most common are following: plantar, flat, genital. The last type is dangerous particularly for women as left untreated, may lead to cervical cancer. In order to prevent warts, we need to wash hands on a regular basis especially after shaking hands, avoid open cuts and direct contact with individuals with evident symptoms of having warts. If you already caught it, there are following options for treatment: laser surgery which gets rid of wart tissues, freezing or home medication. If you want to turn for help to qualified medical center, visit The Edmonton Wart Clinic in Edmonton, which offers medical wart removal services, which are covered by Alberta Heath Care. They have over a decade of special interest in wart removal, and are confident in their team's ability to answer any questions you may have about how to treat warts, whether it may be about young children or older patients


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