Lose weight eating one meal daily with Omad Diet

The Omad Diet or also known as eating one meal a day is a simplified way of dieting. It involves only eating once a day and doesn't have any difficult to follow instructions, calorie counting, or time-consuming meal preparations. The Omad Diet is a form of intermittent fasting that has many significant benefits such as increased mental clarity, more free time and an improved immune system. To follow such a diet, you will just follow the "4 ones" rule which means one meal, one beverage, one plate, and consuming your food within one hour. This is typically the time when you would consume your one caloric beverage for the day. Use and average for your meal that is typically 11" in diameter and keep your food no higher than 3" on the plate. You then choose a 4-hour eating window to have your meal every day. This 4-hour window can be whatever you wish throughout the day. You typically want to select an eating window that fits best with your lifestyle and schedule

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Added: 28/10/2017

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