4 sites in Protection category

4 sites in Protection

Disinfestation trap

The trap was set up in November 2014 with the aim of disinfecting, and providing services to protect public hygiene. The work on disinsectization is carried out by a specialized workshop, in the presence of a responsible scientist from our company. The accountable scientist, Agricultural Engineer...

Security systems for your house

Protection of your house may be perceived as an unnecessary expense as long as your house is not burgled. If you keep at home valuables such as gold, coin collections or gun, then having an alarm system installed is a must. A barking dog is no longer an efficient way of protection from harm, and it...

Vline security cases and cabinets from 800sellcom

Our company offers goods associated with security including V-Line security products, pistol safes, wall safes, closet vaults, narcotic safes. We make sure products we sell are at reasonable prices and fullfill the highest standards - everything for the sake of security. Vline is an established and...

Brick Wall Series Mode Surge Protectors EMP Attack

Brick Wall series protect from electromagnetic propulsion, high voltage along with over voltage, power surge - all of this bought to you by 800SELLCOM