Lavendar candles and soaps all made by hand

Lavendar candles and soaps all made by hand

Handmade products stand out because of their quality and precision workmanship that products coming from production line cannot come up to. The price is incomparable to amount of work the maker put into it as such a production is more lengthy, susceptible to mistakes as human factor takes place and entails more effort from the maker. When we think about soap or bath bombs, we imagine gentle fragrance, mellow touch, and color which brings back memories of our childhood. Our company called Jamberson, which is a combination of James, Amber, and son, is a family owned business which provides fanciness products including soaps, candles, and others. Our extensive offer lets you pick and choose so that you had a product which fulfills your expectations the most. Every single purchase which exceeds 75$ price has free shipping provided by default


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Added: 13/10/2017

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