Dive Shop In Cozumel, Mexico

For most beginners, scuba diving is perceived as a great adventure, but their perception slightly alters once they attend the first lesson when they need to grab a regulator, carry metal tanks with compressed air, and put on a mask and fins. It takes some time to gain confidence in breathing through a scuba regulator, as mouth-only breathing is not typical human behavior. Being underwater, you need to control the depth of dive and buoyancy to make sure you can stay below water rather than heading surface. Your nose and eyes are covered from pressure by a mask, which can be in single or double faceplates. To be able to carry equipment which weighs around 30 kg, you need to be in good shape, including the heart and lungs that will need to withstand the changing water pressure. If you are a newbie and lack experience in diving, you can practice in a controlled environment to get used to the equipment, a dive plan, and emergency procedures. Not that you have insight on how scuba diving works, you can give a shot for an open water certification course provided by PADI or NAUI. Every single year around 1 million people get certified for recreational scuba diving, according to the Professional Association of Diving Instructors. This allows them to dive by themselves and explore exotic underwater locations. The one we recommend is Cozumel, which is a Mexican island in the Caribbean Sea surrounded by magnificent reefs like Palancar. Once you are there, stop by to Salty Endeavors, a dive shop that offers diving for certified divers on three boat trips daily.

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