Gadgets for custom made robot

If your son does not have any pastime and you wish he stopped watching TV all day long, then you need to encourage him to take up some activity such as creating own robot from scratch. He develops his imagination as he needs to come up with what such a robot should be doing, what is made of and how to combine pieces together. Young boys love when they see flashes, feel vibrations, hear smoke and fog effects - all of these can be provided by handmade robot. We are here to give you a hand in collecting pieces, deciding how much construction could cost, advicing where to look for substitutes for parts which are no longer avaiable in sale. Our site lets you find the best value in robotic sets from beginners through advanced. Gadgets that go carries the Wemos D1 mini and a full line of Wemos shields. We also will be creating new robotics platform as we continue innovate our ideas and incorporate yours into something everyone can enjoy. Sign up for our newsletter to find out more information


Main category: Science

Sub category: IT

Tags: robot arduino

Added: 23/09/2017

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