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IT services in medical sector
ITCube Solutions Medical data summarization facilitates medical and non-medical end users to analyze medical data present in medical records in a very less time with less efforts and also provides systematically arranged medical records based on treatment events
Peace of mind with travel insurance
We are an online insurance provider that specializes in offering travel insurance to customers with disabilities and pre-existing medical conditions. Products are available for individual as well as annual multi-trips, with basic, standard and premier levels of cover on offer. We provide excellent r ...
Beauty supplies
Do Beauty's mission is to provide high-quality salon equipment and furniture at a remarkable price. Offering a wide selection, this wholesale distributor offers competitive prices and excellent customer service. Orders are delivered efficiently and ready-to-use. Whether you are a salon, school, coll ...
The Best Online Headshop
We are the world's most trusted retailer of vaporizers, bongs, glass pipes, dab rigs and luxury smoke accessories. Based in New York City, SmokeSmith Gear is a global entity that serves both medical and recreational users, offering the best products, a convenient experience, low prices and world-cla ...
Private health care for swifter recovery
Professional service in beautiful surroundings is what you'll get when you are treated at our medical center. The private hospital is placed in Skodsborg, Denmark. It is a priority that your stay will be unforgettable, in a right way of course. Kysthospitalet is also known for the results regarding ...
Personal Injury Lawyers, New York City
Okun Oddo & Babat, P.C. is a preeminent personal injury and medical malpractice law firm that prides itself on quality representation of people injured as the result of negligence
Personal injury lawyers
If you participated in a car accident which resulted in severe damages, either physical or mental, you may be entitled to receive compensation. If injuries were minor and they did not entail lengthy recovery or forced leave of absence at work, presumably there will be no point in making a personal c ...
Sickbeds for ill patients
Haskar Medical is a sick bed manufacturer. With its many different features, such as patient beds, elevator systems and side railings, the hospital provides great comfort during the day. The company, which also manufactures patient cots, also offers sick bed rental services in Istanbul
Health Career Institute
When we think about a personal trainer, we imagine a well-built man yelling at people to motivate them to exercise more intensively. In past couple years this perception has changed substantially, and now personal trainer is perceived as highly-educated as he needs to understand human body so that h ...
Massage therapy
Massage is based on manipulation of muscles and tissues. A therapist uses his hands, sometimes elbows or forearms, to put pressure on the deepest layers of muscle. Because muscles are associated with nervous, signal is sent directly to the brain and as a result, changes as reflected in our body. It ...
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