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Personal injury attorney with extensive knowledge
Attorney James Bendell is an experienced trial attorney representing clients in a variety of civil ligation matters. These include personal injury, probate, guardianship, real estate litigation, business dispute and tenant evictions for landlords. James is a former prosecutor and Superior Court Comm ...
Healthcare management using IT solutions
Online software and apps for blood glucose, blood pressure, and other chronic diseases. Improve your personal body values with self-management and motivation. Blood glucose meter, pedometer, and scale can be synchronized via Bluetooth. Diary and analyses are also available for doctors and health coa ...
Lawsuit loans and cash advances
Legal funding company providing lawsuit loans and cash advances to victims of personal injury who were hurt as a result of an accident that wasn't their fault. Services all U.S. states
Personal injury attorney
Aj law firm that represents the people, not big corporations. Helping injured persons, those with traffic law problems, those with estate planning needs, and small businesses
Buy a birdhouse
Our birdhouses are known for being multi-functional with its varied uses both indoors and outdoors, ranging from using them as garden ornaments, garden décor, or for decorative purposes for lawn or indoors. We create customised handmade high-quality birdhouses with designs featuring absolutely anyth ...
Personal Injury Lawyers, New York City
Okun Oddo & Babat, P.C. is a preeminent personal injury and medical malpractice law firm that prides itself on quality representation of people injured as the result of negligence
Personal injury lawyers
If you participated in a car accident which resulted in severe damages, either physical or mental, you may be entitled to receive compensation. If injuries were minor and they did not entail lengthy recovery or forced leave of absence at work, presumably there will be no point in making a personal c ...
Mobile security patrol
When your business goes through the roof, you start considering new areas of development and one of such is safety of your employees, facilities and valuable goods your company has in possession. Your intent is to decline the risk of having property robbed, vandalized or damaged. If you neglect prot ...
Health Career Institute
When we think about a personal trainer, we imagine a well-built man yelling at people to motivate them to exercise more intensively. In past couple years this perception has changed substantially, and now personal trainer is perceived as highly-educated as he needs to understand human body so that h ...
Compensation for personal injuries in car accident
If you have never been injured in a bicycle or car accident, you may be unaware how to deal with an insurance company and what compensation you are entitled to receive. You do not participate in crashes daily, but it is worth having some insight what to do when they occur including where to turn for ...
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