Amber Jewelry

Amber Jewelry

When client intends to purchase amber jewelry many concerns arise like whether it should be taken off while sleeping, how should I clean it, how to make sure it is a genuine, etc. For starters, let's explain what amber really is. Many years ago the trees exuded the resin in order to heal damaged branches. It survived in unimpaired condition as fossil and preserved its healing properties. Baltic amber, as the name implies, comes from Baltic Sea located in Europe and it is the preferred type of amber you should wear as it comprises a higher rate of succinite than others. To enhance the efficiency of healing, amber should have permanent contact with skin, therefore, wearing it throughout the day is advisable, even during the night. Amber works for roughly two years as it may fade over time, but long exposure to sun and heat can shorten this period. Amber comes directly from nature that is why you can pick and choose size and shape which suits your taste as every amber product is one of a kind. Once you have made up your mind to have a piece of amber for yourself, the next question is: where should you buy it? We recommend amberjewelryglam which offers a wide range of necklaces, pendants with inclusions, bracelets, and earrings. Each and every amber is provided by reputable supplier what guarantees its genuineness. Check out our store and find it to your cost how amber can look on your skin


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