Let your music be found and make money of singing

Beginner musicians put a lots of effort to break through in order to be in the spotlight one day. These days people are disaccustomed from paying for music as youtube or search engines offer immense sources of unpaid tracks where everybody can stop by, listen or even download. Prohibited is only spreading songs and make a profit on such a practice as it would mean starve artists of income. The legal place where musicians can sell their music is kicktone which at the time of writing gathers over three thousand artists worldwide. Not only single song but also the whole albums in categories such as pop, rock and roll, metal, rap and more. Once listened you can share come impression it made on you, pick couple and creaste custom charts or discover lately uploaded tracks. It is a perfect place for all individuals whose life is inextricably tied up to music, there you will immerse yourself in favourite songs forgetting about daily routines and bothers

Url: kicktone.com

Main category: Art

Sub category: Music

Tags: music

Added: 18/10/2017

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