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Hip Hop artist
Don Dotta is ranked the #1 Unsigned Rapper in United States. Rapper Don Dotta is a mult-talented independent musician who has numerous hit records. Yes, he has been discovered at BET Hip-Hop Awards and has made many tributes working with industry songwriters, major producers, and engineers from all ...
Marketplace where musicians can purchase lyrics
You do not play an instrument, but your head is filled with song lyrics, you hum them quietly, but without a composition, they do not have such a good sounding? Not every lyricist is a gifted musician and contrariwise but mutual collaboration can result in a smash. Lots of rising stars leverage of s ...
Replacement for risky pyrotechnics at concerts
When a long-awaited artist takes a scene, shrieking girls starts elbowing through the crowd to get closer to a stage; growing tension is bitting and impatience climaxes in waiting. First sounds of music warm audience up, master of ceremony introduces appearance of a singer, and people hold their br ...
Let your music be found and make money of singing
Beginner musicians put a lots of effort to break through in order to be in the spotlight one day. These days people are disaccustomed from paying for music as youtube or search engines offer immense sources of unpaid tracks where everybody can stop by, listen or even download. Prohibited is only spr ...
Money B Digital Underground | Tupac Shakur
Money B is a founding member of multi-platinum Grammy nominated group Digital Underground, contributing to 2017 Tupac Shakur biopic All Eyez on Me.

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