Replacement for risky pyrotechnics at concerts

When a long-awaited artist takes a scene, shrieking girls starts elbowing through the crowd to get closer to a stage; growing tension is bitting and impatience climaxes in waiting. First sounds of music warm audience up, master of ceremony introduces appearance of a singer, and people hold their breath in the hope of listening music so close to their heart. Artist not only needs to sing well but more importantly is how he presents himself including things such as making an entrance, establishing relations with listening public and keeping up an interest of his figure in social media. One of such devices which can enrich his show is fountain machine which boosts fire and flames making the spectacular cover a stage. It does not contribute anything to the music but makes artistic expression look more diversified. It is meant to be used during professional concerts, yet it can be curios on holiday or sacraments such as communion. We cannot say no that it makes an impression and this is all about


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Sub category: Music

Tags: stage

Added: 12/11/2017

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