Smooth breakup with mutual advantage

When a couple cannot reach an understanding, relentless quarrels ruin them mentally and they have less and less in common then breakup or divorce is inevitable. Regardless of who is in charge of separation, everyone wants to have it behind and do not look back as blaming oneself may lead to deterioration of mental state. By default, when people split up it is perceived by community as a failure, deprivation of partnership and proves that fault is mutual. Distressing thoughts will not vanish swiftly but in such a situation paying more attention to future targets and moving on is a way out. For many years of relationships you managed to collect not only memories but also money, properties, presumably an offspring. In order to save yourself unnecessary tensions you may leverage of mediator who will try to comprehensively take care of aspects such as capital distribution, custody, property division and more. He finds ways to make an agreement which will not favour either of partners


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Added: 26/02/2019

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