Anti dos solutions for commercial business

The more valuable data your site stores the more feasible it becomes that somebody may give it a shot and try to steal or intercept them. As far as commercial software is concerned, security is inevitable part as loss of highly classified data may cost company reputation, credibility and money. Many CEOs ask themselves: where should I store data, how to protect from malicious users, what actions take once theft is revelead? KoDDoS offers a wide range of anti ddos solutions to protect small individual to large scale companies against DDoS attacks. Our fully transparent system will block any detrimental attack in few milliseconds while letting the legitimate traffic reach the website. Our solutions comprises of web hosting, VPS, dedicated server, remote protection, colocation and BGP over GRE network protection. You can find more details about it on our webiste.


Main category: Computers

Sub category: Internet

Tags: virus

Added: 22/09/2017

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