Tailored hosting for your wordpress blog

Are you in love with writing posts on blog sharing with readers memories and impressions or maybe you run company blog in order to let cusomters be up to date about your services? Regardless intent, mutual in such a case is following challenge: where is site going to be hosted? There are two options: first one is free servers but downside is that they are swamped with ads, the latter is to devote some money and purchase the one that fits to your requirements. Such a hosting should expose unlimited datatraffic so that we would not need to worry that disk space may get exceeded one day, SSL certification for security sake, PHP and other modern libraries support, latest Wordpress version and possibility to upgrade if newer shows up. At WP-Express you can pick and choose from following plan: standard in case of minimal expectations, pro and expert for the most demanding. Prices very between 20 and 80€ monthly. Go check out what else we can do for you in order to boost your blogging

Url: siteground.com

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Sub category: Internet


Added: 18/10/2017

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