3 sites in Alternative Medicine category

3sites in Alternative Medicine

Find out more about usage and effects of kratom
Our website is about different kratom strains and it's reviews. Find best vendors and place to buy it online or local shops near you. We review in details about all kratom products. Learn about this plant, how it can benefit you from pain and other addictions
Jennie Francis Hypnotherapy
I am a hypnotherapist in Harley Street, London with 20 years of experience. I work with addictions, fears, anxiety and any of the other myriad of the issues and problems hypnotherapy can solve. I work with your unconscious mind to find a safe, comfortable way to help you let go of the problem and fi ...
Aromatherapy diffusers provided by Organic Aromas
The aromatherapy industry and the use of essential oils have grown dramatically over recent years. The problem is that the currently accepted methods of dispersing and disseminating essential oil aromas into the air are either very poor or they present health and safety problems due to the use of he ...

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