Aromatherapy diffusers provided by Organic Aromas

The aromatherapy industry and the use of essential oils have grown dramatically over recent years. The problem is that the currently accepted methods of dispersing and disseminating essential oil aromas into the air are either very poor or they present health and safety problems due to the use of heat and water. This is undesirable and leads to an experience that can be less than optimum or even messy, uncomfortable or harmful. This is why Organic Aromas is taking a new aim at the aromatherapy industry. We created a brand new nebulizing diffuser®. It is a powerful way to disperse the beautiful fragrances of pure essential oils across a large place in a rapid period. Furthermore, our diffuser unitizes air pressure only and requires no heat and no water to send strong aromas throughout a relatively large room quickly and efficiently. Lots of health, medicine, and other professionals have started adding aromatherapy to their repertoire. These people need strong aroma immediately, and for the length and at the level they want it. They are choosing this type of unit for their business and is why the new nebulizing diffuser technology has been quickly accepted and rapidly disseminated into the market. Most are made from all natural materials such as wood, ceramic and glass. The entire manufacturing process is free of chemicals, lead or heavy metals. The diffusers have no volatile compounds and will not off-gas


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Added: 04/12/2017

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