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Geometric Keys of Vedic Wisdom

This website (named after a book by the same name) presents original discoveries and content regarding Integral & Supramental Yoga, Cosmology as well as the Sacred Geometry underlying the symbolism of the ancient Rig Veda and other sacred texts, religions and world mythologies that have sprung from...

What mormon religion really believes documented!

The mormon religion AKA The Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints has some astounding beliefs such as the winners in their religion get to become gods of their own planet. Star Trek has nothing on these guys. The religion is founded on the clains of a known horse thief Joseph Smith who ...

Powerfull Prayers

Portal with powerful prayers for any purpose and moment. List of the best and most requested prayers of the Internet: for protection, for love, for healing, for enrichment, for difficult causes and much more. Join our Blog and receive the divine help from God

Jesus Name Apostolic Holiness Church - Apostolic

Find out more about Jesus, his message, quotations, testimonies, Bible, apostles. What lesson can we get out based on his life

Truth Of the Bible online message community

Oneness christian online community and message board. Bible studies and online fellowship. Sound oneness biblical doctrine

Bible Folk - Conservative Christian Social Network

Bible Folk - Conservative Christian Social Network - Acts 2:38 friendly - The Truth is in here. Oneness Christian Bible studies blogs and sound doctrine